It would be hard to know what to write to explain why Jean-Michel Jarre being our Headlining NFT Artist is the absolute logical step for both his Legacy and the World.

Jean-Michel pretty much INVENTED Electronic Music (alongside a few other precursors like Kraftwerk for instance). He remains to this day the highest selling artist of all time in France, and has the Guiness World Record for the biggest live performance ever (to an audience live in the flesh of 3.5 Millions).
He's a genius innovator, a precursor, a virtuoso with AR and VR next world expression methods, and remains to this day STILL TOO AHEAD OF THE GAME FOR HIS ERA.

But Fear Not!

He's with Whonose now...

Fo whonose the answer.

If you don't know? Get to know



Digital artist / 3D makeup creator

Ines alpha is a 3D artist based in Paris. She likes to create enchanted and fantastic versions of reality. She started experiencing with 3D while working as an art director in advertising, specialised in beauty and luxury. Her main body of work consists in the “3D makeup” series, where she pushes further the boundaries of makeup and beauty using 3D softwares and augmented reality.
She tries to fantasise what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like.
Her goal is to encourage a fun and creative approach to make up and self expression.

Brands collaborations:

Koché x Pucci  H&M  Bimba y Lola  Dior Makeup  Selfridges  Charli XCX  Nike  Essence 


iD  It’s nice that  Dazed beauty Lecture in Progress  Konbini  Wired  Screenshot  VOGUE



Noctem (Laury Guintrand)



Queer Icon / Sex Symbol / Creative Genius / Founding Member @ Club Cheval / Style King

Far from being your average dance producer, Panteros acts as an archeologist of our multimedia era since he realized his DJ and producer activities were only two of many ways to interact with today’s world. He’s been gaining exposure with viral videos starring his Kamel Toe character (now on French cable TV), and follows a promising career as a freelance copy writer in advertising. A digital-era, moustache-sporting Don Draper, he also makes interactive sample-based websites for some of his tracks (check « Enio Moticone » to have a glance at it) and uploads all his productions on YouTube, complete with absurdist, psychedelic video edits. He’s basically wired on the emerging, contemporary Internet culture.

As a music-maker, Panteros feels fascinated by creating transgender/transgenic aural objects. His first track, Kegstand, released by Sound Pellegrino in late 2010, was a true mutation in effect – sounds taken from the Dutch jumpstyle songbook locked inside a UK funky frame. The main intention is basically to produce tracks that can both entertain your mind and talk to your body, to make dance-floor ammunition with a twisted, meta-angle, working like comments on what’s generally thought about dance music. His material sounds physical and nervous, but also offers much to (joyfully) think about.



French Electronic Music Legend / Space Invaders Are Back

He has written, produced, co-written, co-produced and remixed with and for some of the planet’s most legendary artists – David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, Beyoncé, OMD, Deep Dish, The Eurythmics, Paul Johnson, Cassius, Cerrone, Moby and Robbie Rivera. In particular, it’s his work and extensive projects with David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Jean-Michel Jarre that have truly helped mould the direction of modern day electronica. Co-writing and co-producing Guetta’s hit album “Just A Little More Love” including “Love Don’t Let Me Go” and the follow-up “Guetta Blaster” and “The World Is Mine”; working with Jean-Michel Jarre on “Metamorphoses” and “AERO”; creating the GUMPROD and F*** Me I’m Famous labels with Guetta; nominated for a “Best Remix” Grammy Award alongside Bob Sinclar for their reworking of Deep Dish “Flashdance” – at every turn it’s been Joachim Garraud with his hands on the controls.

From developing one of the first ever live performance concepts, elevating the DJ beyond just a master of ceremonies, to the iconic Space Invader mascot; from his seminal residencies at The Boy, QUEEN and Space Ibiza to performances at Coachella, Love Parade, Technoparade, Inox Park, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Exit Festival and more – over the course of a quarter of a century Joachim Garraud has been instrumental in shaping the global scene we celebrate today.



Biologist/ Performer /Dancer /Science Artist

Marie «Zenstation» Orlova is a scientist and Performing artist from Russia.

She is a bachelor of Biology (research in the genetics of the family Retroviridae) and Ecology. In parallel with scientific employment, she is a perfomer and actress of the physical theater. In her creative works, Zenstation explores the boundaries of rational and emotional, using knowledge from the fields of biology, medicine and physics. As well as the skills of classical and modern dance, performance and digital art.

Like Performing artist Marie collaborated with leading theaters in Moscow (Electrotheatre Stanislavsky; New Space of the Theatre of Nations; BlackSkyWhite Theater; STARTREC 357 and etc). And she also participated in international projects with Till Lindemann (Germany); Nicole Seilerz (Switzerland); Jenny Xtravaganza (Spain); Zoran Bihach (Germany); Anthony Rouchier (France) and Peter Tagtgren (Sweden).

Zenstation is convinced, that Science discovers itself like a retention form of the aesthetic ideal (as knowledge, verifiable empirically). While Art serves as a powerful means of conveying the eternal values ​​of human evolution.



Hailing all the way down Mother Russia, Stripes is a Cinema 4D CG Generalist Artist that can deliver his compelling visuals to any and every project he touches. A succesful NFT Artist on his own platforms, he's joining forces with Whonose Collective to keep our elite 3D art to the max level. With "The Eternal Mandalas" Series and an exciting array of other projects in the pipeline for the Collective, be sure to follow him for more exciting NFT content.



this lineup is not a crew, a clique, or a hierarchical power structure

this is freedom

this space belongs to all of us

whonose what lies ahead.

get in touch with the art

get in touch with us

collaborate towards our vision

Artists that have released NFTs with Whonose Collective:


"BASS CANNON" by Neoliptus - Whonose Collective 002

The French AR prodigy Neoliptus

delivers the goods by entering the

lineup on our FOUNDING SIX NFTs.

The Genesis tokens.

The second genesis token is his

AR piece featuring the one and only


Available to bid now



"whonose1" by Queen de Saba - Whonose Collective 001

The founding member of Whonose Collective

delivers the founding Genesis Token NFT of the imprint.

Official Art Piece Release with Noir sur Blanc; for their new single

Koos & Queen de Saba - Concrete

Queen de Saba introduces 3D animation

to the Musical Track

The message is cryptic.

It features open source vernacular internet 1.0 ghost material and

3D samples of errors through screen capturing scripts. 

Image mounting was LFO Generated and

VFX was algorythmically printed to the renders.

There has been no Ctrl-Z or Undone from the inception

to the Minting of the token. 

It is pure creation.

The 3D Music Video piece is split into a triptych and

this is the first Third.

Other parts will be released once

the ETH nonce is cleared for this NFT Mint

The Genesis token is on sale for 6.66ETH

and features an unlockable Pact.

There is only one.