At Whonose, we believe in helping artists and projects come to life in the NFT space, as well as developing AR/VR/XR and Metaverse applications for this new Land of Crypto-Art.

Our main activity is counselling, developing and implementing creations that embrace the full potential of Crypto Art and Blockchain technology. With our team, we help bring to life outstanding projects by ensuring a catered and appropriate approach, for good.

Each piece from Whonose has been designed as a collaboration with outstanding artists in their field. Through Whonose Collective, we bring quality, stability, consistency, and vision to new Art Expressions in the NFT Space, helping artists take flight in the industry.

Our NFT drops are always linked to an underlying ARTIVISM project. Empowering local communities and helping them access funding and independence, through technological advancement and education is at the core of our ethics. We are involved in developing grassroots projects in Guadeloupe, Ghana, Russia, China and would love to hear how we can help your community thrive!

We are agents of change. And so can you be!

We would love to hear how we can help you and your project become a reality. Contact us to discuss any project, idea, or question that you need answered.

We're always on.

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Jean-Michel Jarre




Joachim Garraud

Howie Wonder

Henry Scragg - Curiosities from the Fifth Corner

Romantic Appeal

Queen de Saba

Noir sur Blanc Records

Marie Orlova

For Whonose the answer

Founded by Benjamin Grauer (@queendesaba) as an effort to gather momentum in a dishevelled European Digital art landscape, and by bringing together unique artists from all walks of life into realising outstanding NFT drops with a purpose. A Vision.

Vision is the way. For Whonose the answer.

We are constantly open to new projects and ideas, collaboration is a big part of the NFT community as a whole so don't be shy to dream big, and to dream big with us!